Take advantage of our know-how.

For used and defective serving dishes HEPP offers you a professional and extensive reprocessing service. Your old pot for example shines again in new splendour.

  • Welding and soldering of handles and hinges for example
  • Complete new silvering of serving trays, pots, candelabras, etc.
  • silver, gold copper, nickel and chromium plating.

Do you also have favourite collectables which are worth preserving and allowing them to shine in new splendour? For any requirements please apply to your HEPP sales agent or contact us directly on

Phone: +49 (0) 7231 / 4885-100
Fax: +49 (0) 7231 / 4885-190
E-Mail: infoathepp.de

HEPP Reparaturservice

Cutlery preparation

Good cutlery can please you a long time. For all to remain in such a way, HEPP offers a competent professional processing service which allows your old cutlery to look as nice as on the first day.

Processing of the surface of cutlery:

  • Polishing, mat finishing or sandblasting
  • Renewal of serrated knives
  • Labelling with laser, stamping, engraving as well as etching of cutlery.


Make new from old – HEPP is not only a supplier of high-class quality products for the table and the buffet but also offers a unique service to repair and polish up your products.

Processing of the surface of serving dishes and cutlery:

  • Flattening and planishing 
  • Polishing, mat finishing or sandblasting
  • Machining and processing of high quality steel, brass, new silver, etc.
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