Even the best silverware needs a little care from time to time. In the HEPP service workshop, cutlery is therefore thoroughly polished every day, handles are patiently reattached to jugs or cutlery parts are lovingly engraved. The experienced experts there know how to make the good pieces shine again.


Everyday gastronomic life makes high demands and sometimes leaves traces behind. Fortunately, with a little dedication, these can be quickly removed, especially with silverware. For example, it is possible to make handles or hinges fully functional again with the help of welding and soldering or to re-silver complete parts. In addition to silver plating, the professionals master techniques such as gilding, copper plating, nickel plating and chrome plating.


It's fun to produce fine products for the laid table and the buffet. To hold them in your hands again after years in order to refresh them again is just as much fun. Although the surface treatment of serving utensils and cutlery requires a sure instinct, it is worth it. All parts can be dented or flattened, polished or matted if required. Processing with a sandblast also produces great results. After the serrated edge has been renewed, every table knife is ready for the greatest culinary delights. It is not important whether it is stainless steel, brass or silver: After a visit to the HEPP workshop, all serving utensils are as good as new.


The upscale gastronomy and hotel industry still attaches great importance to timelessly beautiful cutlery with an individual design. The possibilities of the HEPP experts leave nothing to be desired. For example, cutlery pieces and serving utensils can be engraved, stamped or even individualised with the aid of a laser. 

Especially high-quality silver products require care. But when they receive this care, they accompany every excellent table ambience for many years and are therefore particularly sustainable. 

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