Grilling vegetables is a challenge. However, when the vegetables are handled correctly, you can create incredibly diverse dishes. Basically, there are two different ways to grill vegetables. When they are sliced and placed on the grill, the grilling process accounts for most of the flavour. Alternatively, the vegetables can be grilled whole, in which case the outer layer acts as a protective shell for the core with its high liquid content. Take leek or fennel, for example. The outer leaves char completely, and then the soft inner core is removed and can be mixed with yoghurt. This often results in a wonderful texture.


There are huge variety of foods for vegetarian barbecues

Ranging from vegetables to halloumi cheese, which can all be cooked on the barbecue. Meat-free grilling is not boring at all – in fact, it is balanced and tasty. Aubergine rolls with ricotta and feta filling, cheese or tofu – fresh ingredients are a must. To prevent the vegetables from drying out quickly, all the ingredients to be flame grilled are first coated with oil. Besides barbecued vegetables, other very popular delights include veggie burgers, grilled potatoes and halloumi cheese. Alternatives include corn on the cob, peppers, lettuce hearts, pea pods, beans, mushrooms and asparagus. Barbecued vegetables are rich in fibre and contain lots of vitamins. Most vegetable varieties are suitable as a vegetarian main course and also as side dishes for meat eaters.


To achieve an intense taste experience, leave the vegetables, tofu or cheese to rest for a couple of hours first in a marinade or herb mixture. Salting is at the top of the to-do list because vegetables contain a lot of water, which is removed by salt and heat. The final and exotic touch is achieved by combining the vegetables with berries, apricots, pineapple or plums. Fruit, asparagus, peppers and hard cheese as well as bread and blanched or steamed vegetables are ideally prepared using a direct grilling method. Large pieces, such as potatoes, cook wonderfully through indirect grilling. Whether potatoes, onions, fennel, kohlrabi, red cabbage or beetroot: vegetarian grilling pleasure knows no boundaries. Even hardcore meat lovers will be won over by Sicilian spinach calzone, potato slices with fresh rosemary, grilled vegetables with goat cheese toast or creamy cheese polenta. In Southern countries, peppers, goat cheese, aubergine and sweet potato are among the most popular foods for the barbecue.

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