The laid table: the stage for the entire scenery of culinary pleasure. Smell and taste of a menu unite with the aesthetics and haptic of glassware, cutlery and porcelain as well as the table linen and accessories. Gastronomy will present a table - with everything belonging to it - not only as an essential eye-catcher, but also as a profit maximization. A perfectly laid table will awaken the imagination of the guest, satisfying all senses and ultimately resulting in his enjoyment and desire to visit your establishment again.


Size of the table and layout

The type of establishment determines the amount of space needed by the guest. Small, round tables are more than sufficient in a café, whereas a starred restaurant will definitely need more space to present its sophisticated creations. However, they can also use a round table because of its flexibility when it comes to the amount of chairs per table. After answering these professional and practical questions, there is still an important matter, that gastronomes and hoteliers need to deal with: what is the secret to an unmatched, emotional table layout? Irrespective of the establishment, whether it is a classic starred restaurant, an idyllic tavern or a trendy brasserie, the ambience is key to the guests comfort. The main mood carriers for the room- and table layout  are colors and materials as well as shapes. Porcelain and glass still play an important role on the laid table. Accompanied by materials like wood, metal or concrete they offer a creative playground full of exciting haptic and visual contrasts. With this colorful bouquet of opportunities it is possible to create a completely redesigned ambience in an instant, while bypassing costly new acquisitions. Furthermore, the current trend of natural colors, materials and table accessories is easily incorporated by this approach. 

The perfect table layout is able to carry guests off into the individually created world, which the gastronomic concept has envisioned. Whether it is a classical approach or an intentional break in style: hoteliers and gastronomes need a reliable associate, who understands the individual concept and bears the ability to think outside the box. An associate in possession of a portfolio that is not only convincing through quality and functionality, but also trough aesthetics and passion. An associate with the ability to create a flawless arrangement in its entirety. An associate like HEPP.

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