For over 150 years, HEPP is known for “THE ART OF SERVICE”. The art is to combine tradition and modernity, the timeless and the contemporary.

The inventor of hotel silver is renowned for its exceptionally sophisticated product ranges and for outstanding pieces in collaboration with renowned product designers. Thanks to its inimitable table settings and sophisticated ambience, the HEPP brand is one of the world’s leading names in refined tableware.

The brand identity emphasizes the exceptional quality of the HEPP product world: The products are displayed as art works in order to underline the global premium quality. 

Hotels are also designed artfully: an appealing design concept allows restaurants and hotels to upgrade the customer experience. The personal touch and clear recognition value form part of a holistic, strategic approach to design. Art as an integral component of corporate communication serves both as an experience and a hallmark. This allows the continuous implementation of the brand and recognition values to be achieved; a unique character – like in the hotel industry.

Rather than an interchangeable look, this creates a new world of experiences that fascinates, touches the emotions and highlights what is already there: the natural elegance and breathtaking beauty of the HEPP world.

“Hepp is distinguished by its high level of flexibility, finest quality and enormous innovative capacity and has long been synonymous with sophisticated tableware.”

Thanks to its reliable, long-lasting and high-quality products, HEPP is one of the few large global brands worldwide to offer a complete range of table- and buffetware. Design, functionality, long service life and ensuring the availability of replacements are always the first priority.

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