Brave. unique. Cutting Edge.

An eye-catcher par excellence: HEPP Cutting Edge.

Inspired by the East Asian tradition of using spoons and chopsticks together, CUTTING EDGE combines the essence of Western and Asian table culture in its outstanding design.

For an incomparably exquisite table culture.

The surprising recess on the handle paired with the gently rounded edges turns the cutlery into an intense visual and tactile experience.

The dynamic design language is elegantly captured by the gentle recess in the transition to the spoon.

A fusion of elegance and sophistication.

Designer Kickie Chudikova creates bold masterpieces for renowned brands with the aim of lending each design an unmistakable elegance. The exclusive cutlery collection CUTTING EDGE for HEPP is a manifestation of this aspiration at the highest level.

"I particularly appreciate the shadows cast by the handle's opening on the table, adding a unique visual element to the design." Kickie Chudikova

For a table culture that meets the highest standards.

With nine exquisite pieces of cutlery, the collection fulfi ls all the requirements of high-end gastronomy. For exceptional sophistication with every course.

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