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With the HEPP newsletter, we take you into the artful world of
cutlery, tableware and serving equipment - in line with our credo "THE ART OF SERVICE".

On a regular basis, we inform you about current trends relating to laid tables and buffets,
product innovations as well as company news.

HEPP Hospitala - new website

Visit our completely redesigned HEPP HOSPITALA online presence.
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HEPP Hospitala new Website

Service & Repair Department

For used and defective serving dishes HEPP offers you a professional and extensive reprocessing service. Your old pot for example shines again in new splendour.
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The tasteful art of service has a new name:
SEQUENCE – the innovative buffet concept with unusual lines that is beautifully simple to use. With this new about 40-piece collection, HEPP is setting new standards in culinary presentation. The system is available in various dimensions, asymmetric forms, and material combinations, such as wood, porcelain, stainless steel, fabric, corian and plastic – this array of harmoniously matched pieces means your creativity knows no bounds. An exquisite highlight for your guests! Boredom is a thing of the past – today belongs to SEQUENCE.
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HEPP Cutlery

Exclusive cutlery collections for a visual and haptic pleasurable experience.
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Table Top

HEPP Table Top

Glamorous pieces around the well-laid table.
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HEPP Buffet

Each buffet masterly staged.
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HEPP Hospitala

Sophisticated expert for the business unit of system service utensils.
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Hepp Frühstückstrends
Breakfast becomes cosmopolitan

Coffee or tea, a bread roll or croissant with jam and a boiled egg at the weekend: breakfast today has a lot more to offer. Because dishes from all over the world have found their way into our breakfast buffets and brunch menus and enrich them enormously. Internationally this is called "The New Breakfast" and is also no longer tied to the classic times - means to the morning.

Hepp Reparatur
From old to new

Even the best silverware needs a little care from time to time. In the HEPP service workshop, cutlery is therefore thoroughly polished every day, handles are patiently reattached to jugs or cutlery parts are lovingly engraved. The experienced experts there know how to make the good pieces shine again.

HEPP Elements - Thalia Schuster
The designer of the collection "ELEMENTS" about her work

Thalia Schuster studied product design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd and at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center in Sweden. Already during her studies, she specialized in the areas of kitchens as well as table and living culture. Since 2008, the designer has been working in the studio of the WMF Group and creates products with the highest design standards.



Preview & dates


HEPP presents this year’s innovations at following trade fairs:


Dive into the world of HEPP and learn more about our former fair appearances.
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HEPP fair review


Hepp and the world of art

For over 150 years, HEPP is known for “THE ART OF SERVICE”. The art is to combine tradition and modernity, the timeless and the contemporary. The inventor of hotel silver is renowned for its exceptionally sophisticated product ranges and for outstanding pieces in collaboration with renowned product designers. Thanks to its inimitable table settings and sophisticated ambience, the HEPP brand is one of the world’s leading names in refined tableware.
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HEPP History


Only a few years after founding the company, Carl Hepp set a milestone in the history of exclusive gastronomy: his development of the silver plating process in 1871 laid the foundations for the company’s expansion. “Gebrüder Hepp 90” or “hotel silver” conquered the market and over time replaced products made of pure silver. HEPP established itself as a supplier to upmarket hotels around the world...
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The HEPP collections have been developed as creative fine tableware components elements. In addition to a complete range of basic pieces for bars, buffets and table settings, the HEPP collections also offer accessories for the requirements of a large table. The most striking stylistic features are the designs of the handles, knobs and feet – the remarkable shapes of these collections are reflected in all the pieces. Consistent lines and functional details emphasize exclusive and modern elegance in each of the collections.
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HEPP Collections


Repair service

HEPP Repair Service

Take advantage of our know-how. For used and defective serving dishes HEPP offers you a professional and extensive reprocessing service.
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HEPP Customizing

Unique throughout the whole world. According to your wishes the timeless table appliances are refined and customized by HEPP.
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Surface treatment

HEPP Surface Treatment

Specific forms of surface treatment create that special something for a harmonious and unique atmosphere. HEPP's wide choice of finishings...
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