Confident, distinctive and perfect down to the smallest detail. HEPP presents: TRILOGIE. With its clear and dynamic design language, the new TRILOGIE cutlery series embodies "The Art of Service" and reflects the natural elegance and fascinating beauty of the HEPP world.


TRILOGIE offers with its cutlery holder – in which the three main items can be placed – an impressive repertoire for every restaurant to create exclusive arrangements. Placing the holder next to or directly on the plate allows for entirely new variants to present the cutlery.


TRILOGIE captivates with its elegant shape with familiar proportions and a sophisticated change of the cross-sections profile in the handle. The distinctive character of the new cutlery collection is shaped by a natural movement, inspired by a cut off branch out of nature.


The conceptual thought behind TRILOGIE is carried forward by the recognizable design feature of the triangular shape. In addition to the 22 cutlery items, the collection is completed by two decorative table highlights, a cutlery holder and a napkin ring.


The elegant sweep, flowing towards the front part of the cutlery piece, ensures a slender and natural design. The diagonally alternating profile edge shapes the character of TRILOGIE and enables tasteful experiences at the table that will be remembered.


The richness of detail, high-quality workmanship and material thickness of TRILOGIE emphasize traditional craftsmanship, enrich a high-quality table culture and pave the way for new table arrangements. Are you convinced of TRILOGIE?


Complementary parts like the napkin ring and the cutlery holder offer you a wide scope of presentation possibilities, with no limits to your imagination. Your guests will be given a unique experience at the dining table when TRILOGIE is placed on display with its components. The matching napkin ring, analogously designed to the profile of the stem, completes the ensemble perfectly.

Cutlery sheet

Find all the most important information about TRILOGIE in our brochure and discover the natural elegance and fascinating beauty of our new collection.

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The wide product range of TRILOGIE allows having a perfectly designed concept on the dining table. Discover here all the highlights of the 24-piece cutlery collection TRILOGIE.

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Table Top

From cruets to etagères to table decorations. Discover more about our products in the table top sector. For outstanding table highlights and unique dining experiences.

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