The factory where the famous Turtle dolls were produced in Mannheim from 1896 to 1975 is now the home of a new Heppstar. In future, the “Alte Schildkrötfabrik” will delight its guests with a very special ambience, where traditional brick walls and typical industrial style high windows are accompanied by modern art and an extraordinary interior design. Daniel Lauff, Chief Operating Officer of the Alte Schildkrötfabrik, has a burning passion for the project. That’s why we are leaving it to him to introduce our latest Heppstar in this interview.

What is special about the location?

Daniel Lauff: The special thing about the 135-year history of the Alte Schildkrötfabrik is that the basic structure of the buildings has been preserved over the years. This allows us to combine modern design with classic style and to offer a pleasant ambience.

What is the idea behind the catering concept at the “Alte Schildkrötfabrik”?

Daniel Lauff: Here, we try to present the best products from our local region in a new and modern way. Of course, especially in the current times, we are also thinking about how we can contribute towards creating a better future. It is therefore our goal for all our events to have the motto “Regional & Natural”.

What services do you offer?

Daniel Lauff: We supervise events from start to finish, from the selection of food and drinks, the technical implementation to the overall ambience.

What style can the guests expect?

Daniel Lauff: Here, we try to find great solutions. The aim is for modern accents to complement our classic style perfectly to create a unique overall experience.

What features were particularly important when you selected the equipment?

Daniel Lauff: Here, we have focussed on functionality and durability. Nowadays, we see this as particularly important to counteract the ever-increasing consumer society.

What role does art play here?

Daniel Lauff: As the whole team is passionate about art, a very big one. Of course, our art installations by Sir Richard Long and Christian Boltanski mean that we already have art on site that is literally “part of the inventory”. But we would also like to provide a platform for local artists and up-and-coming artists, either through music, graphics or in a completely different way.

Which HEPP products do you use?

Daniel Lauff: We use the “CONTOUR” cutlery series here, the “EXCELLENT” chafing dish series, as well as some smaller products like serving ladles and condiment sets.


Daniel Lauff: We were able to find a lot of common ground, which is why we decided on HEPP. Both our premises and HEPP can look back on a long history. We both want to combine classic with modern, while maintaining extremely high quality. Of course, their close proximity, which meets our requirement for regional products, was also an important factor. I would also like to mention the excellent advice and support provided by Felix Hepp. In conclusion, it can be said that “The Art of Service” has found a perfect home here and we are able to call even more small works of art our own.

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