Coffee or tea, a bread roll or croissant with jam and a boiled egg at the weekend: breakfast today has a lot more to offer. Because dishes from all over the world have found their way into our breakfast buffets and brunch menus and enrich them enormously. Internationally this is called "The New Breakfast" and is also no longer tied to the classic times - means to the morning. Because depending on the daily work routine, breakfast can also be lunch.  

Culinary offers provide for variety
In Israel and North Africa, Shakshuka is used for breakfast and is already a solid meal. The same is also the case in Asia, where a Goreng defines a good start to the day - and the classic British breakfast with beans and bacon really can't be called a sweet little thing. But we also have the United Kingdom to thank for porridge, which has become a real trend dish - not just as a breakfast meal - in recent years. There are also superfoods such as berries (goy, acai or chokeberries), hemp or chia seeds, ginger, pomegranate, avocado or any kind of nuts. While for one person only the opulent breakfast counts, for another one a smoothie is enough. The trend comes directly from the juice bars in the USA, which not only mixed different fruit juices but also processed the whole fruit. The healthy mixes do not always contain only fruit: in combination with various types of milk and vegetables, one juice becomes a small meal. 

Variety offers new sales potential
For restaurateurs and hoteliers, this new breakfast culture may seem a challenge at first glance, but it also offers enormous potential. With an imaginative new breakfast offer, they not only address the so-called millennium generation and demonstrate individuality - in the best case, beyond the normal breakfast times. If the culinary highlights are then presented with the help of a well thought-out buffet concept, New Breakfast is attractively staged for the guests. It goes without saying that bowls or smoothies can be prepared in front cooking, just like exceptional egg dishes, so that the guests have an additional experience. 

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