Gastronomes and hoteliers are constantly looking for clear unique selling points. The buffet sector is no exception and as a premium manufacturer it is important to address these wishes. Offering creative and yet functional solutions is, of course, a must; as well as recognizing trends, better yet setting them. But which trends are currently playing a decisive role?

Materials: it's all in the mix

Porcelain bowls, plates and inserts are still indispensable when planning a buffet. However, a material mix within the buffet concept really brings colour into the game. If the porcelain is combined with wood, stainless steel or fabric, an artful arrangement is created, that fascinates guests.

Playing with heights

With modules in many different sizes and heights, there is no chance of boredom at the buffet. Floors with two or even three levels allow for food to be presented to its best advantage. There are no limits to the variety of presentation possibilities when it comes to the attractive placement of food - neither creative nor culinary. Guests also appreciate the perfect overview of the entire range of culinary delights.

Non-adapted geometries

The "Sequence" (>> our products) buffet concept is entering the competition as an attractive variant, compared with classic Gastronorm (GN) systems. The asymmetrical trapezoidal shape of the, approximately 45-piece, collection inspires gastronomes and hoteliers with a high degree of individuality and at the same time offers easy handling in daily use. Contrasts, such as unusual geometries, are absolutely in vogue and bring vibrant liveliness to buffet tables & Co. And not everything has to be purchased new: Depending on the buffet theme, menu and ambience, the trapezoidal and GN1/1 elements can be combined to create ever new images.

Flexibility gives pleasure

Whether arranged in several parts, individually staged or combined with other buffet solutions, whether for 20 or 120 guests - buffets must be expandable at any time and must meet the expectations of the guests. That is why the demand for optimally coordinated modules and solutions with inexhaustible flexibility is particularly high.

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